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Wansan Hao Lian Technology (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd.. was founded in September 2015. Itsprecursor is Hangzhou Low Carbon Washing Equipment Co.,Ltd.Due to the need of company development, Low Carbon and Shaoxing Topoly Packing Co.,Ltd. jointly established Zhejiang Wansan Washing Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in September 2015.It was located in Binhai New Town, Shangyu District, Shaoxing City,China. It’s mainly responsible for research anddevelopmentand production of equipment and whole factory, and selling the products through Topoly.
With the development need of market and Topoly and the goal of making full use of resource advantages to develop business, Topoly implements the strategy of managing and developing business independently. The production and sales of all kinds of equipment in washing industry and integration of the whole factory are based on the
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ADD:No.16, Sanjiang East Road, Paojiang Industrial Zone, Doumen Street, Yuecheng District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province
TEL:(+86)575-88261925   88260036
September 27, 2017 to participate in China Sha...
Zhejiang Wansan Washing Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd intelligent product and factory concept has been generally highly praised at home and abroad, and strong cooperation intention, the actual turnove……
July 2017 to participate in the second section...
Zhejiang Wansan won the "most influential brand". We will fulfill the mission, solidarity, down to earth! In the smart new flagship factory to build, all types of packaging machines, tunnel disinfecti……
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Hangzhou Qiansheou Europe and the United States international laundry、Shaoxing Dongfusheng、Shaoxing Chengzhimei laundry department、Hangzhou Kaiyuan zhijiang cleaning chain Limited、Hangzhou Baiyangshengjie、Shaoxing feiling laundry、Hangzhou Yiersa、Wenzhou yiersan washing co.,ltd、Jiaxing haiyan wuwangqin、Ningbo zhengzhang landry、Ningbo Daxiang
Jiangsu province area:
Wuxi Franklin、Nanjin kangjie washing co.,ltd、Jiangsu kuaijiexi E-Commerce Co., Ltd 、Jiangsu yangzhou guangling、Jiangyin zuoen fine clothing washing care Limited、Jiangsu suzhou diandianai wahing co.,ltd
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Shanghai Kabo、Shanghai meifeng、Shanghai yimiao
Anhui Province area:Maanshan Weisite、
Henan Province area:Zhengzhou Kangjie、
Jiangxi Province area:Jiangxi manshan group co.,ltd
Hunan province area:Hunan yinggelai washing co.,ltd、Changsha zhengzhang、
Sichuan province area:
Sichuan meiyitian wahing co.,ltd、Sichuan yibing laijie、Mianyang Meiyi technology co.,ltd、Chengdu zhouting washing factory、Chengdu biku、Chengdu Hongzhi Hotel Supplies Co., Ltd.
Guizhou province area:
Guizhou aishang Technology Co., Ltd、Guiyang Liangjia clothing laundry
Yunan province area:
Kunming daily washing Limited、Huiqian central washing factory
Guangdong province area:
Beijing Shi Bo Li dry cleaning Technology Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Branch、Guangzhou Daily、
Guangzhou Panyu Cai Li、Zhuhai mingshen caiyi、Shenzhen is chapter dry cleaning Limited
Shandong province area:
Shandong Duo La Information Technology Co., Ltd、Linyi Duo La Information Technology Co., Ltd、
Liaoning province area: Dalian Weiteao Health Management Holding Company
Beijing area:
Beijing Buruilin Washing Service Co., Ltd、Beijing White Bear Laundry Service、
Beijing Bao Chen Hotel Co., Ltd
Hebei province area:Shijiazhuang Xiangji Shi laundry factory
Xinjiang province area:Wujiangqu federal domestic service limited liability company
Neimenggu area:Hulunbeier City Ruihua Laundry Wash Service Co., Ltd.
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ADD: No.16, Sanjiang East Road, Paojiang Industrial Zone, Doumen Street, Yuecheng District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province  
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